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Friday, February 24, 2017

Marble Tile Bathroom

Marble Tile Bathroom--A marble tile bathroom provides a look like no other type of stone. The unique grains give an excellent look, and marble has been a popular surface stone for centuries. Having a marble tile bathroom, while it does look good, will give you some serious issues over time.

A marble tile bathroom requires a lot of maintenance. Due to the large amount of moisture in the bathroom, a marble tile bathroom will require frequent cleaning and sealing. Due to the natural state of marble, being that it’s a very coarse and pourous stone, liquids and stains can get absorbed into it easily. All spills should be cleaned up immediately, otherwise they could permanently damage that section of tile. You should not place glasses on a marble tile either, since they have the ability to leave a ring.

Marble Tile Bathroom
Marble Tile Bathroom

Another big issue with a marble tile bathroom is the cost. A marble tile bathroom tends to run between $5 and $15 a square foot for low end material. In addition to that, you will have to add in the cost of installation, which is a requirement. Installing a marble tile bathroom is not a job for everyone, and should be left to a professional.

When you are having a marble bathroom installed, make sure that the tiles are laid out before hand, so the grains can be matched as close a possible. Unless you had one solid sheet of marble cut into tiles, matching the grain perfectly will be nearly immpossible.

But, marble does provide a very elegant look. If you are looking into installing a marble bathroom, you should consider all of your stone options before coming to a decision.

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